04 May 2015

How do you find work in the gaming industry?

The video gaming industry is a very

04 May 2015

The video gaming industry is a very large industry in which to find work.  There are specific things each employer looks for and if you don’t have the experience yet then here’s what you can do.

Get an internship.

If you have an internship you will gain the experience that jobs will be looking for  and they could even hire you!

Get to know people.

A big reason you go to school is to get to know people.  You could stay at home and teach yourself  online but you won’t know anyone.  Some will say that if you want to find a job then it’s not about that you know, it’s who you know.  If someone on the inside is helping to pull you in then you don’t have to do it all alone, your chances increase dramatically.

Make a portfolio/ demo reel.

One of the most important things you can do is to have a way to show what you can do.  If your an animator make demo reel, if your a programmer show off your mods or demos you’ve made, if your an artist of some other sort have a portfolio.  This can set you apart from others.

Know what company your applying to and personalize your portfolio for that.

Don’t just throw your best work into your portfolio and submit it.  If your an animator applying to Disney, don’t submit to them the same work you submitted when you tried to get a job making the next Grand Theft Auto.  Try to fit the companies style that you’re applying to.

Develop an good online presence.

Employers will Google you, have a website, make them have a good impression of you.

Get your Bachelors Degree.

Your degree is important is because even if your portfolio is amazing, if a degree is a requirement for the job they may not even look at your portfolio.  As for what you get your degree in, that all depends on the next step.

Know what job you want.

Have the ability to specialize in one area especially if you plan on working for a very large company.  Don’t waste time on applications for positions that are secondary to you, focus on your primary job choice.

Have your own side projects.

By having your own side projects you not only learn, you develop work for your portfolio and you create your own opportunities to gain the experience that employers look for.  Not only that, but if you develop your own games then you have a plan B, instead of trying to get a job you can try starting your own company.

Know that it doesn’t end here.

There is always something you can improve on, any other advantage you can get can help you.

Just don’t give up.

If it’s your passion then even if it takes a while, if you give it your all, then in the end it’ll all be worth it.

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