02 Apr 2015

State of the Gaming Industry Q&A With Anna Crestfield

1.  What positive impact can games have

02 Apr 2015

1.  What positive impact can games have on people?

Games are having an incredibly positive impact on people every day. Gamification is used to encourage recycling and positive treatment of the environment and endangered animals, to help patients with illnesses such as cancer to manage their day-to-day treatments, to assist in the rehabilitation and physical therapy of many disorders, to make education more engaging, to increase employee productivity and diversify employee training, and so many other examples.

2.  How do you believe the gaming industry will advance in the future?

I believe we will see soon rapid advancement in the gaming industry as pertaining to a positive impact on our everyday world.

3.  What makes games fun and do you believe modern games focus enough on being fun?

I’m afraid that I can’t comment on what makes games fun in such a brief space. Fun can be very relative, and it greatly depends on the lens through which you are examining the concept.

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