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Top 5 Tips on Marketing and Advertising Your Mobile Game/ Application

If you want to make money developing any kind mobile app then you need to get the word out so people actually know it exists and here’s how you can do it. 

Develop A High Quality Application

In order to market something you need to have something to market.  If you don’t have something worth buying then people won’t and shouldn’t be expected to buy it.  Try spending your time developing something that suits your interests that you would buy yourself.

2.  Make a Website

Develop a pre-release website that can transition into an after-release site to keep people filled in on your latest coverage and to raise anticipation.  From here you can put together an email list to keep people’s interest on your project so they won’t forget about it and people won’t have to constantly check your site for new information.  To supplement your site make a Twitter and Facebook page so your project’s information will be as easily accessible as possible to the most amount of people you can reach out to. 

3.  Promote

Present your app to bloggers who write on the niche of your app because they are always looking for new and interesting content to present to others.  They already may have a huge base of readers who will then come to know about your app and will be interested right away because you targeted that audience.  Promote your app on Pinterest, Stumble Upon and any additional site you can find so that people can just happen to come across your app.

4.  App Store Optimization

Similar to how websites use Search Engine Optimization to rank high on google, have key words so that people can easily search your app.  Not only this but optimize you app page; have a short summary of the main point of your app with additional details under “show more,” have screenshots, and resolve negative reviews.  Also make a video/ trailer of of app that can go at the top of the store page, your website and even on Youtube that highlights why your app is so amazing.

5.  Provide a Free Version

One of the best things you can do is to let people try a version of your app for free because it’s essentially another form of free advertisement for your paid version.  The free version can have ads, limited functionality, or a trial period to incentivize people to buy the app.  Once people try out your free sample they’ll see how great it is, get hooked on it, and want to buy it now that they know what they’ve been missing.

With these tips and by researching additional methods of your own, in time you can expect your audience to grow exponentially, as long as you work hard and market your app properly.