I am currently a student from USC

I am currently a student from USC! Majoring in Interactive media and Games I’ve transferred from TCNJ where I majored in Interactive Multimedia and then before that from Mercer County Community College where I majored in Game Design.  At MCCC I have obtained my Associates Degree in Game Design and received a Certificate in 3D Animation.  Video games have become a great interest of mine and have inspired me to want to make video games for others to enjoy.  Game design is a very broad field and with my already acquired knowledge, I have developed a large skill set that can be applied to many different fields of work.  With my background I have learned to use many different industry standard computer programs in the field such as Maya, Photoshop, Unity and others.  I have developed many skills in areas such as graphic design, computer science, animation, 3D modeling, texturing, game-play mechanic design and other areas.  Also, I have experience working on games in teams that were done for class.

I want to continue learning about creating games and to develop my skills further so that I can make great interactive experiences for others to enjoy.  I am especially interested in the art side of games involving character modeling and design.  The whole process of developing games from the animation to the computer science aspects interests me and I want to use my skills to uplift people.   For instance a theme in my games can be that if you work hard you will overcome obstacles despite adverse circumstances.  I am also interested in app development and would like to make my own phone applications for a variety of purposes that will be beneficial to others.

Some of my career goals are to work for a big video gaming company, and to eventually own my own company.  In the short term I feel a good use of my talent would be to become a professional Game Designer and Character Artist where I would design characters that are not only visually appealing, but ones that have depth psychologically, which will support the story Arcs of my games.   I want to keep improving and learning as much as possible so that I may impact all who play my games in a positive way.  Developing games and being creative have become major parts of what I’m all about and I hope to inspire others with my field of work.